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kakeru Asai (b. 1985)


Born and raised in Okazaki, Japan, Kakeru Asai’s learnt painting from his     father at the age of 8. Since graduating from high school, Kakeru moved to New York City to continue his studio practice.


Kakeru Asai is a multidisciplinary artist, his work includes sculpture, painting, drawing and installation works. His inspirations are mostly based on nature and space, combined with his endless dreams and cosmic figures. Kakeru determines to draw the universe closer, as well as connecting to his own inner universe. In Kakeru’s little world, he is trying to convert the meaning of universe, a wonderland where people can hide from reality and remind in ecstasy.

Kakeru first exhibited in New York in 2012, he also received an honorable award Martha T Rosen award in the same year. Since 2013, He has participated at the Art Beasties , an art collective. Moreover,   Kakeru also participated in various group shows in New York, Seattle, Hong Kong and Japan.



Most of my works are very unnaturally vivid yet also natural. My source of idea of creation directly come from nature elements. I collect the source by observing nature such as collected leaves and flowers, insects, and shells. Not as a scientist but as an artist.  Images of stars, nebulas and galaxies captured by NASA’s telescopes are also subjects of my observation.  I simply recreate those elements by following laws of nature and try to understand nature and universe by doing so.  Works are effected by  their structures, colors and patterns, and those are visible on each of my works.  


To follow laws of nature. I do not use brushes most of his process but my breath. I brows paint on surfaces to create natural pattern of universe.  

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